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Ziel: diverse Private IP Adressen durch eine Singel Public IP Adresse zu erreichen.
Singel Public IP
Multi Container
Multi Domaine
Multi Subdomaine

Proxmox   sollte bereits Installiert sein
 openVZ Container Ubuntu-14.04-x86_64-minimal
25GB Disk
NAT Config

- Running Proxmox behind a single IP address

- Debian - NAT with IPtable

- VM-firewall - Virtualization firewall

- iptables-Befehle

- Linux-Praxisbuch: Linux-Firewall mit IP-Tables





Vorschläge für eine saubere Installation .....

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OpenVSwitch Installation in a Proxmox Installation




1. install openvswitch - important: /etc/apt/sources.list must contain "deb http://download.proxmox.com/debian wheezy pvetest"


2. apt-get install openvswitch-switch


Following steps by WEB-GUI:

3. If you continue using existing physical NICs at host and IP address: remove IP-address and ports from vmbr0

4. create an ovs bridge e.g. vmbr1(no ports for the moment) and assign the desired IP address, probably, activate autostart too

5. create an ovs bond with slaves eth0 eth1 (I suppose) and select as bridge vmbr1

6. assign the virtual NICs in the VMs to vmbr1

7. reboot

You can verify after reboot the proper configuration by
Code:   ovs-vsctl show
should show your configuration (bridge, ports), version must be 2.0.90 or higher

Quelle:    forum.proxmox.com

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my wish with Proxmox would be:
Have some virtuell Server KVM and OpenVZ and reach them with IPv6
The Proxmox Host (Server) itself dont't need IPv6, he will only be reached in a local Network with a Privat IPv4

the Question was/is how to do it:


So what nedd to be configured on the Proxmox Server?

And what need to be configured on the KVM and the openVZ Server?


 Host Proxmox Server Config if needed  
 openVZ Config for IPv6  
 KVM Config for IPv6  
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