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Hugo Roy has been trying to install Kolab and not getting on particularly well with it. His experiences persuaded me to take another look at my Kolab installation done back in June, and to my surprise it didn’t seem to work any more. I eventually discovered some things that will probably need fixing in the packaging, and these are mentioned

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Today is a sad day for the world of Information Technology and the cause of software freedom. PJ just announced she’ll be shutting down Groklaw.

It’s hard to overestimate the role that Groklaw has played in the past years. Many of us, myself included, have worked with Groklaw over the years. I still take pride my article about the danger

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cloud services and providers

When Edward Snowden leaked intelligence files, a storm was triggered in the cloud, leaving a path of destruction. Snowden’s email provider Lavabit shut down. So has the email offering of Silent Circle. The Guardian ran a story declaring: Lavabit’s closure marks the death of secure cloud computing in the U.S. And the EU is not entirely unaffected

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In January this year we started the MyKolab beta phase and last week we finally moved it to its production environment, just in time for the Swiss national day. This seemed oddly fitting since the Swiss national day celebrates its independence and self-determination, as they were liberating themselves from the feudal system. So when Bruce Schneier

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Following the disclosures about details on how the United States and other countries are monitoring the world there has been a global discussion about this subject that’s been long overdue. In previous articles I tried to put together what actually has been proven thus far, what that means for society, and what are the implications for

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Six months after we released Kolab 3.0, we are very happy to announce the immediate availability of Kolab 3.1 alpha. The most notable new features are CalDAV and CardDAV support. There is also integration with file storage in our web client. It serves files through WebDAV.

We are deeply worried about programs like PRISM and are therefore especially

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After a primer on the realities of today’s world, and the totalitarian tendencies that follow from this environment and our behaviour in it, let’s take a look at what this means for professional use of information technology.

Firstly, it should be obvious that when you use the cloud services of a company, you have no secrets from that

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1) /etc/postfix/main.cf:
mynetworks erweitert um das interne Netz (und evtl. Subnetze)
- per default war das nur

2) Die Default-Limits (20MB) sind für meine Begriffe zu niedrig, also stellen wir höhere Werte (40MB) ein.
hinzufügen zu /etc/postfix/main.cf:
message_size_limit = 41943040
mailbox_size_limit = 41943040

Postfix anschliessend neu

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Das Vorgehen entspricht im Wesentlichen: http://docs.kolab.org/de-DE/Kolab_Groupware/3.0/html/Community_Installation_Guide/index.html, jedoch mit neueren Repoisitories und einer Fehlerbehebung (Punkt8)

… unter Debian7 (wheezy, 64bit)
- minimale Installation, ohne X
- sda ist die Systemplatte
- sdb ist die Datenplatte

1) Partitionen separieren

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This is a guest post by Alexej Ruseckij.Using Kolab 3 with nginx

Here's a config for nginx&php5-fpm that works under Debian7 and CentOS6.

It still needs some testing under CentOS6, though. All features seem to be working at first, second and third glance, but I didn't go much past glances. It does work in Debian7 pretty well.

It's set to enforce https connection to all

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