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Das Vorgehen entspricht im Wesentlichen: http://docs.kolab.org/de-DE/Kolab_Groupware/3.0/html/Community_Installation_Guide/index.html, jedoch mit neueren Repoisitories und einer Fehlerbehebung (Punkt8)

… unter Debian7 (wheezy, 64bit)
- minimale Installation, ohne X
- sda ist die Systemplatte
- sdb ist die Datenplatte

1) Partitionen separieren

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This is a guest post by Alexej Ruseckij.Using Kolab 3 with nginx

Here's a config for nginx&php5-fpm that works under Debian7 and CentOS6.

It still needs some testing under CentOS6, though. All features seem to be working at first, second and third glance, but I didn't go much past glances. It does work in Debian7 pretty well.

It's set to enforce https connection to all

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After a somewhat brief overview over the world we find ourselves in, the question is what does this mean to us as a society?

As highlighted in the previous article, governments have no realistic option not to engage in some form of activities to protect their people from threats that originate on-line or have an on-line component. These were the

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Sixteen weeks have passed since my last post – quite some time! About a week ago I switched my private mail system to Kolab 3, using openSUSE 12.3 as a base. Works really great! We progressed far and I'm proud to announce:Kolab 3.0 for openSUSE 12.2 and openSUSE 12.3 STABLE repositories are published!

(Or at least they are building at the moment,

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