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Yesterday I added a few mail aliases using Kolab admin interface and went to sleep. Today I noticed high CPU usage and quickly found that there is a small problem with pykolab 0.5.11-5 package.


This problem is already described [Bug 1560 - High CPU load and disk usage] and fixed in pykolab 0.5.12 package which is available for people using develo

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I am using mainly Polish language so it is obvious that fairly quickly I encountered a problem with national characters in the subject line. Problem is not fixed in Debian packages (using Debian Wheezy x86_64 and Kolab Systems - Public Repositories) but luckily it is very easy to fix.

Problem description

Problem applies to the wallace daemon. Some

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Almost four months ago I mentioned about moving personal data to the private server. Now it is reality as I have already started to move and organize personal data using Kolab groupware server. To check out basic functionality check out my previous blog post because I will only show you additional software I am using.




Download ownCloud source

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I have allready writen a post how to install kolab on centos 6.3. Today I decided to install kolab 3.0 for testing purposes on a CentOS vm. It was a Centos 6.3 clean installation, I decided to updated to Centos 6.4, and then try to install kolab 3.0.

This time things worked out of the box! No conflict, no error, excellent installation process!!!


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