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Akeeba Backup

Backup akeeba jpa file to a FreeNAS 

1 FreeNAS create a share bkp-joomla-akeeba
2 create a user userX
3     Give Read/Write access to the user on the new share
4 Server create a share /mnt/bkp04-joomla-akeeba
5     #   apt install -y cifs-utils
6     mount -t cifs /mnt/bkp04-joomla-akeeba -o username=userX,password=pwdX
7     time find /var/www/clients/ -name site-*.jpa -exec cp -n --preserve=timestamps {} /mnt/bkp04-joomla-akeeba/ \;

CIFS ist eine Erweiterung des Server Message Block Protocol (SMB) 
The Line 6 and 7 could be put into a "JPA-backup" file with a  

in the first Line

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