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Perfect NAS SW

go to Plugins - select PlexMediaServer

Go to the Plugin - select Installed
change Service Status to ON

Go to Jails
there is a plexmediaserver_1
if you select [Edit] you could change DHCP to FIX IP

in Storage

Source you select the Share with your Videos
Destination you select
/var/db/plexdata/Plex Media Server Add a comment
FreeNAS | Service - Share - SMB

Enabled   tick (Yes)
NetBISO Name the Name how the NAS should be seen in a windows computer under Network Freenas10
Workgroup the same as your Computer is  
DOS Charset CP437 would be english / 858 Westeuropäisch mit Euro  
Unix Charset UTF-8  
Log Level    
Use syslog only
Local master
Domain logons
Time server for domain
Guest account nobody
File Mask Mode 777 is not save  
Directory mask Mode 777 is not save  
Allow empty password
Unix extensions
Zeroconf share discovery
Hostnames lookups
Server minimum protocol CORE
Server maximum protocol SMB3
Allow execute always
Obey PAM restrictions
Bind IP Addresses
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open Task on FreeNAS10

x x x x x x x x x x x x
Bug #22783 - after Update Plex Docker not starting FreeNAS-Corral-MASTER-201703260654    
Bug #22436 | connection problems with two switch FreeNAS-Corral-MASTER-201703190728    
Bug #22435 | Storage show "wrong" Size FreeNAS-Corral-MASTER-201703190728    
Bug #22434 | Date not shown correct FreeNAS-Corral-MASTER-201703190728    
save config file - but what will be saved. FreeNAS-10-MASTER-201701230515    
SMB still not able to write FreeNAS-10-MASTER-201701230515    
CPU Temp goes up     Fixed with new upgrade
X11SSM-F BIOS Question      
Bug #20304 (System Preference not loading file)      
FreeNAS 10 | Network - +Create - New LAGG      
Bug #20238 (can't remove or replace a Brocken Disk)      
Question about raidz1 & Spare / or raidz2 6 x 3TB = raidz2 and no spare
Bug #20200 (system.reboot error & update.checkfetch) 10-MASTER-201701101942-f23114f52f575b3fbbc4fa9e3710ffcb
done a Upgrade via ISO File and USB Stick 
system not shuting down FreeNAS-10-MASTER-201701101942    
FreeNAS 10 add MuninNode
System | alerts & Reporting no information     operator
==  equal to
!=   not equal to
Dashboard | DISK I/O & CPU Usage no Graph FreeNAS-10-MASTER-201701080018 Problem solved with: 
Docker Plex creating with error freenas/plex
timhaak/plex container + FreeNAS 10 metadata
with a new VM (boot2docker) it worked and the error is gone
SSD Question + move bootdevice      
Bug #19981 (FreeNAS 10 - Storage - Feature Request)      
 Bug #20140 (Removing Disk show wrong Disk removed) FreeNAS-10-MASTER-201701090532    
 Bug #20142 (Hard Disk Left wron Information) FreeNAS-10-MASTER-201701090532    
Feature #20144 (Service - Management - missing SMARTD) FreeNAS-10-MASTER-201701090532    
Design #20145 (Not Clean GUI) FreeNAS-10-MASTER-201701090532    

Bug #20149 - (Docker - Plex error creating)
How to mount datasets to Docker/Container?

Supermicro X11SSM-F question (nothing to do with Freenas ;-) )      

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