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KVM | for Photographer | Debian 9 | 

RAM:        1GB
HDD:        Minimum 10GB free (20GB or more preferred) 

 Desktop KDE
GIMP # apt install gimp 
# apt install gimp-dcraw gimp-ufraw
 RawTherapee #  apt install rawtherapee
DarkTable # apt install darktable  
LightZone # apt install lightzone  
Phatch   Stands for "photo" and "batch". Powerful, fast batch processing of folders of Images.
Exiftool   Useful for many tasks. i use it mostly for extracting embedded jpegs from raw files and stripping out exif data.
Hugin   Panorama software that produces excellent output. Also for aligning stacks of images etc. I've used it for stitching as many as 84 images to produce high-res murals for clients up to 7 x 25 feet in size.
DisplayCAL   For calibrating my displays with a Spyder.
Geeqie   I use it mostly for viewing and culling images, although it is capable of much more. It treats raw + jpeg as a pair so when you press "delete", both files are deleted together. It's also fast working with just raw files since it views the embedded jpeg rather than processing the raw data.
Irfan View    
- scribblesandsnaps.com/linux-tools-for-serious-photographers/
- Conky
- Manuelle_Installation_des_KDE-Desktops_aus_dem_Debian_Netinstall_ISO

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