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KVM with Graylog

Memory: 4GB
Hard Disk: 250GB
IOS: Debian 9
Hostname graylog-01

myServer Basics


Installation mit


Source / Quellen:

Graylog | Open Source Log Management
- Graylog Install Anleitung 2.4 Debian 9 Stretch

Install graylog on Debian 8 Jessie

Graylog2 on Debian Wheezy

- Centralized Logging - How to Setup and Configure GrayLog2 Log Server on Debian Wheezy

Elasticsearch Reference [2.0] » Setup » Repositories

Github mrlesmithjr/graylog2 ¦ install_graylog2

- How To Install Graylog2 And Centralize Logs On Ubuntu 14.04





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