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ftd1232 transFTD1232 - USB to TTL Serial Adapter - 3.3V and 5V Operation


usb ttl ft232rl pinout


DTR: Data Terminal Ready - an output used for flow control
RX: Serial data Receive pin
TX: Serial data Transmit pin
VCC: Positive voltage output - this is controlled by the jumper. If the jumper is set to 5V, this will provide a 5V output. If the jumper is set to 3.3V, this will provide a 3.3V output.
CTS: Clear To Send - an input used for flow control
GND: Ground or 0V

For most uses, you can simply connect the following pins:

  • RX on this board to the TX pin on your device
  • TX on this board to the RX pin on your device
  • GND on this board to GND on your device

The VCC pin is ideal for powering small devices such as homemade circuits. This pin should not be connected when a device has a separate power supply as this may damage both devices.

- ftdichip.com - Drivers

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